Supporting the Duty of Candour Legislation

January 31, 2023 RLDatix Marketing

We recently hosted a webinar outlining how we can support you to enhance your existing RiskMan system to comply with The Statutory Duty of Candour (SDC) being introduced across Victoria. 

During the webinar we showcased an example framework that allows you to meet requirements of the SDC and demonstrate compliance.
Here are our key takeaways from the webinar: 

  1. What are the key requirements the RiskMan system can help with? 
    Requirement 8: The health service entity must ensure that there is a record of the Statutory Duty of Candour (SDC) being completed including clear dates of when the SAPSE occurred and when each stage of the SDC was completed. 
    Requirement 9: The health service entity must report its compliance with the SDC as legally required. 
  2. How can the RiskMan system support individual organisations? 
    We can support you to make sure you are capturing the necessary SDC data in a way that makes sense for you and your organisation. Whether this is directly via the Incidents module or as part of a separate register within the RiskMan system, we are on hand to talk through the best options for you. 
  3. How can my existing RiskMan Incidents form be adapted, so I can easily capture the required information? 
    Should you choose to use the incident form to capture the SDC data required (rather than creating a separate register), we can support you to create SDC extension fields within the incident register. We’ll work with you to understand the criteria that needs to be met in the incident form to trigger the required SDC question fields. The RiskMan system can support you with every stage of the SDC process, including:
    - Stage 1: Apologise and provide initial information
    - Stage 2: Hold the SDC Meeting
    - Stage 3: Complete a review of the SAPSE and produce report 
  4. Can I use the RiskMan system to meet SDC and AIMS Reporting Requirements?
    As a healthcare service, you will soon have an obligation to provide SDC data as part of your quarterly AIMS reporting. To make this as simple as possible, you can simply calculate and access all data required for the AIMS reporting, including the four key indicator requirements:
    1. Total SAPSE confirmed
    2. Number of SDCs commenced in the quarter
    3. Number of SDCs completed in the quarter
    4. Patients that have opted out of process

Through a readily available feature in the system, you can build a report template and automatically populate with the SDC meeting report and export as required.

Discover how Monash Health has configured their RiskMan system to meet SDC requirements

During the webinar we were joined by Paul Nevarro, Quality Manager at Monash Health, who as a long-term user of the RiskMan system, outlined the benefits of utilising the RiskMan incidents module to meet the SDC requirements. Paul also discussed how they have used the introduction of the SDC as an opportunity to improve how they monitor their open disclosure and incident management processes. The streamlined process for capturing all required data for the SDC has meant they can now easily monitor performance and workflows associated with serious incidents. 

The team at Monash Health have also used the preparation of the SDC process as an opportunity to map out future workflows and clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of the clinical teams, quality and safety unit and patient experience office, to make sure the entire SDC process is completed within the specified timeframe.  

Would you like to find out about how RiskMan can provide you with an end to end solution for the SDC process? Get in touch with a member of the team to discuss how we can support your organisation. 

Watch the Webinar: 

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