Making Healthcare Safer: Bringing Risk, Safety & Workforce Together

December 15, 2022 RLDatix Marketing


The link between risk, workforce and quality outcomes has never been so important.
Bringing together risk solutions and workforce management will enable healthcare organisations to mitigate future preventable harm, improve patient safety, increase quality of care and support the workforce. That is why the mission of RLDatix and Allocate (acquired by RLDatix in 2021) is so important.

We are making healthcare safer

  • A safer, better patient journey
  • A safer, more supported workforce
  • A safer, sustainable organisation

COVID-19 has further highlighted the critical role that workforce management plays in healthcare, as physician burnout, staff shortages and complex staffing requirements significantly impact the delivery of care. Having the ability to rapidly deploy doctors, nurses, care staff, therapists, administrators and other front-line workers to areas where additional resourcing is required is critical to ensuring positive and life-saving patient outcomes.

By bringing together Allocate’s workforce management solutions and RLDatix’s best in class GRC capabilities, healthcare delivery organisations will be better able to analyse staffing related issues and take corrective actions to mitigate future preventable harm.

In a time when ensuring the well-being of healthcare workers is more critical than ever, having the ability to identify, address and act upon workforce-related issues will help drive a culture of safety and high reliability across the continuum of care. We’re thrilled to have Allocate join the RLDatix family and look forward to writing this new and exciting chapter in healthcare GRC.

Jeff Surges - CEO, RLDatix

Discover more about the mission of RLDatix and Allocate

At our recent People Connections event we hosted a series of sessions sharing more details about how the coming together of RLDatix and Allocate is going to make healthcare safer and what this means for you and your organisation. Catch-up on some of the sessions below:

  1. The Global Strategy for RLDatix and Allocate. 15-minute watch.
    Jeff Surges - CEO, RLDatix. Watch here 
  2. The Regional Strategy for RLDatix and Allocate. 13-minute watch
    Margaret Wright - Managing Director, RLDatix APAC. Watch here
  3. Why RLDatix and Allocate have joined forces. 13-minute watch.
    Richard Hazeltine - Director, Sales, RLDatix APAC. Watch here 

Would you like to talk more about how RLDatix and Allocate can support your organisation to provide safer care? Get in touch today

Join us at People Summit 2023 to continue the conversation

Would you like to hear more about RLDatix's future strategy and the latest industry news? Join us at People Summit to hear from a host of expert speakers from across the healthcare community. The two-day in-person event will connect themes from across risk, patient safety and workforce, bringing together the healthcare community across Australia and New Zealand. 

You’ll discover insights into the latest developments in national frameworks and strategies, best practice for creating lasting change and transferable lessons to inspire improvement initiatives in your organisation.

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