MQ Health & RLDatix a new partnership and enterprise solution

October 26, 2022 Kate Wills

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MQ Health - Excellence In Patient-Centered Care, Teaching & Research

Australia's first and only fully integrated academic health sciences centre brings together the excellence in clinical care provided by Macquarie University Hospital and MQ Health Clinics with the research and teaching enterprise of the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences at Macquarie University. 

RLDatix are excited to announce we are expanding our partnership with the leading health science centre.

MQ Health have been a longstanding partner of RLDatix, through the use of RiskMan, the legacy incident reporting and investigation software of RLDatix. As a trailblazer in Australia, MQ Health are the ideal partner as an early adopter to implement the RLDatix bundled Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Portfolio of Solutions, available in Asia-Pacific.

"A cornerstone to safety in healthcare is equipping healthcare facilities, and their staff, with a modern quality management platform, one that allows an organisational wide approach to identifying, controlling, measuring, and continuously improving both as a care provider, and as an employer.   It is fantastic to be working with MQ Health on this exciting journey, delivering an enterprise system for risk, incident, and policy management, instructions for use and surveillance." - Cherie Kennedy, Senior Vice President Strategic Partnerships, RLDatix

Growing the Partnership

Working closely, the RLDatix and MQ Health teams have worked closely over the past months to tailor a holistic solution that addresses MQ Health’s key challenges and priorities around GRC. The teams looked to acknowledge the shortcomings of the legacy solutions, identify areas for improved revenue retention and assess the wider potential for GRC tools for the business.

RLDatix and MQ Health undertook extensive pre-sales collaboration through workshops, sandbox environments and by facilitating in-depth evaluations, engaging numerous stakeholders throughout the journey.

Together, the partnership seeks to alleviate the challenges and realise strategic goals and a return on investment.

Committed to Customer Success

"As we roll out each new product, we can see how the learning provided by the products supports the teams to better use the technology and medical devices that support care" - Sheridan Pratt, Head of Program & Project Management RLDatix

The RLDatix customer success program looks to ensure the needs of MQ Health are met, and services are aligned with their safety and quality goals and priorities. For our customers in region, MQ Health will play an important role in influencing the RLDatix strategic and product roadmap in Asia-Pacific through the bundled solution delivery. RLDatix will continue to closely consult with MQ Health stakeholders, ensuring we are meeting the needs of the Australian healthcare sector.

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What is the product suite creating the enterprise solution?


Mitigate risk and improve patient safety with DatixCloudIQ

DatixCloudIQ (DCIQ) enables healthcare organisations to understand adverse events and implement strategies to enhance the delivery of care - from one source of truth.

  • Use DCIQ to help your organisation capture and evaluate patient and health worker safety data.
  • Compare key event data and insights to create a better understanding of safety data to implement improvements and learning at all levels.    
  • Achieve high reliability and safer care by understanding not only “what” is happening, but also “how” and “why” errors occur. 

Clinical Surveillance

Single source of truth for tracking patient infections and healthcare prevention activities

Centralise data to decrease your risk of antimicrobial resistance, reduce the burden and frequency of HAIs and prevent future outbreaks:

  • Laboratory surveillance (infection tracking) - Monitor laboratory results in real-time and easily associate with admission or interventional procedures.
  • Surgical surveillance & patient monitoring - Surveil patients post high-risk surgery or with indwelling devices.
  • Collect and export NHSN defined datasets - Build up datasets on infections and colonisation’s, using cases files, for internal reporting and analysis and capturing datasets for external bodies like NHSN.  


Improve adherence to policies and procedures while mitigating your organisation's risk

Policy document control and regulatory compliance at your fingertips:

  • Drive compliance in your organisation with a simple, searchable and scalable enterprise policy management solution for quick and easy document access, allowing staff to collaboratively manage, maintain and provide governance over your policy library.
  • Gain insights into your organisation’s policy health at the independent location level all the way to the multi-campus enterprise organisation level.
  • Shift from reactive to proactive by providing a single source of truth for all hospital staff and stay compliant with your policies and procedures.


Reduce HAIs by staying in compliance with your equipment needs

24/7 access to updated manufacturer documents for a safer organisation:

  • oneSOURCE Complete gives your team easy access to Instructions For Use, cleaning protocols, service manuals and Safety Data Sheets across departments.
  • Protect your patients and staff from HAIs and other risks by following proper equipment sterilisation protocols and up-to-date manufacturer guidelines.
  • Save up to 2,000 staff hours annually when you use oneSOURCE Complete to keep manufacturer documents up-to-date. 

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