Safety and Quality in Aged Care: New ratings for Australia

February 4, 2021 Sally Danckert
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New Safety and Quality rating for Aged Care in Australia<\/h2>\n\n

In January 2019, Australia began a Royal Commission into the Quality and Safety in Aged Care. One of the key findings from the Royal Commission, so far, was that there is a distinct lack of transparency for families and residents on the quality of safety in government funded Aged Care facilities across the country. From July 1 in 2020, the My Aged Care website (<\/a>) will be publishing a “compliance rating” for every Aged Care facility. <\/p>\n\n

The rating system was developed by The Department of Health and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.  Input was also provided by other stakeholders, including residents, providers and peak bodies.  Whilst other countries, such as the US, have opted for a star rating system, Australia has adopted a colour-coded scale that is yet to be released. It will not include consumer feedback at this stage and will only detail the outcome of audits and assessments.<\/p>\n\n

Ratings will be found under the “Find a Provider” section of the My Aged Care website and will document the providers current compliance position based on their latest assessment by the Commission against the Aged Care Quality Standards.  Providers using the RLDatix Quality Module in RiskMan can effectively manage and report against all of the core Aged Care Standards allowing them to better prepare for their audits and assessments. Recommendations and findings are recorded with key dates, actions, classifications and accountable personnel.<\/p>\n\n

Whilst the Royal Commission is continuing and the final findings have been extended due to Covid 19, this is a welcome change that has come from the “Interim Report” that has been released.  This could be our first step towards providing more transparency and the ability for the general public to compare Aged Care facilities in an easy to understand and simple way.<\/p>\n\n


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