People Summit 2023: Connecting & Sharing Expertise

March 8, 2023 RLDatix Marketing

We're excited to be bringing together members of the healthcare community across risk and workforce at People Summit 2023 next week!

Alongside the exciting agenda and speaker line-up, we're also going to be showcasing examples of best practice at our poster wall. Drop by the wall at any time during the event to hear some success stories from the healthcare community and discover how they are getting the most out of their RLDatix systems, to support safer care and a more supported workforce.  

Take a Sneak Peak
Take a first look at some of the stories we're going to be sharing at People Summit. Read the full stories and speak to the teams behind these inspiring projects on 8th-9th March in Melbourne. 

Southern Cross Healthcare
Using DCIQ to transform event management in six months, across 16 hospitals during COVID-19

  •  The Challenge
    A paper-based legacy system of reporting events and managing risk and feedback within the organisation made it difficult to anticipate and prevent any safety problems. Not only was this time consuming, but also caused delay in the information being used proactively to address safety concerns.
  • The Approach
    Having put together a proposal which was approved, they set about implementing DCIQ. The challenge was getting buy in from the hospitals as they were already really busy dealing with COVID-19 and the lockdown.
  • The Achievements
    Implementing DCIQ in six months during a pandemic where no face-to-face meetings were possible was a significant achievement. There has also been time and efficiency savings for staff...

Read more about the results and improvements Southern Cross Healthcare have experienced at People Summit. 

Using RiskMan to prepare for Short Notice Surveys across 41 care settings

  • The Challenge
    The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality and Healthcare announced the introduction of ‘Short Notice Surveys’ which will come into force on 1 July 2023, meaning any hospital can be inspected against eight standards and 248 actions associated with them at one business days’ notice. Healthscope worked alongside RLDatix to research how to best support hospitals to maintain accreditation against rigorous metrics.
  • The Approach
    A new module within RiskMan was developed, called Electronic Clinical Quality Management System (ECQUALS), allowing greater control of real-time standards across all sites, not only for safety, but also quality, sleep and disability standards. 
  • The Achievements
    The ability to easily conduct digital risk assessments and gap analysis, and an improved culture of incident reporting across all sites.

You can discover more about improvements Healthscope have implemented at People Summit. 

Goulburn Valley Health
Moving from RosterOn to Allocate Optima to provide better engagement and flexibility for our workforce.

  • The Challenge
    The Payroll team at Goulburn Valley Health currently process staff pay for eleven hospitals and approximately 5,600 staff, all the data for which is held on nine separate databases. Making the process very lengthy and inefficient. 
  • The Approach
    Moving from RosterOn to Allocate Optima will ensure the system can work with the concurrent pay runs across the organisation. Each pay run is also set up to interpret the approximate 30 Enterprise Bargains that are currently in place covering all staff that work within the hospital environment.
  • The Achievements
    The implementation of Allocate Optima ensures that all staff are aware and understand the benefits, such as the ability to submit leave requests via the app and Allocate Optima, making it easier for managers to review and approve.

Visit the Poster Wall at People Summit to read more about how Goulburn Valley Health provides better engagement and flexibility to its workforce. 

Not yet registered for People Summit? 
Registrations for People Summit have now closed, but if you would like to enquire about a last minute registration, please reach out to our event team at and they will do their best to try to accommodate you.

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