Watch Day 3: Virtual Connections On-demand

December 4, 2020 RLDatix Marketing

Watch on-demand: Day 3 of Virtual Connections 2020.

Day 3 includes:

  • The Future Focus of Safety Systems in Healthcare - Understand the key elements required to create and sustain a systems approach to patient safety
  • Introduction to DatixCloudIQ - what are the key features, what's new and what's different to your current system
  • Patient Safety Insights in Times of Coronavirus - How to extract insights from the wealth of data available and how new tools can provide automatic mechanisms for reporting. 
  • Introduction to PolicyStat - how can you make policies and procedures simple, searchable and reliable

Click here to watch the session on-demand. 



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Watch Day 2: Virtual Connections On-demand
Watch Day 2: Virtual Connections On-demand

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